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    big plot in DesignRev




      Does anybody get a solution to export a layout in DesignRev to a png view ?

      I open a window on a server with a resolution of 7000x7000 but DesignRev crash when I want to maximize it. Do you have a solution to get a plot of 6000x6000 or 7000x7000 perhaps in batch?


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          Although there's no direct way that I'm aware of, you can try to use multiple export View command and assemble the output picture files.


          And here's how to do that in Tcl command line.


          set cwb [find objects -class cwbWorkBench]

          set V [$cwb cget -_layoutView]

          $cwb zoomToRectClbk $llx $lly $urx $ury

          $V exportView PNG $file


          Notice that the "zoomToRectClbk" and "exportView" commands are not documented in the manual.  That means they are not officially supported and users should use these commands at own risk.

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            Thanks for your answer but I am afraid that the result will not be very good for a picture.