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DXDesigner multiple symbol issue - help required please?!

Question asked by el06pt on Nov 30, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2009 by artsiom.shchatsko

Hi guys,
I'm trying to create a BGA part using multiple symbols... easy so far! I've created the part and added all the symbols using auto create gate information etc, but when I try to package the schematic I get loads of error messages like this:


INFO: Block Schematic1, Page Power, Symbol $1I190:
The common pin number J9 of reference designator
UT1 should be connected to the same net $1N200 in
each gate where it exists in the schematic, however:


INFO: Block Schematic1, Page Power, Symbol $1I201:
does not even show this pin.
Please correct the schematic by changing to a symbol that
includes the common pin being sure to connect that pin properly.


I'm really confused as I have all the pins for the part assigned to a symbol...


Any advice would be fantastic,


University of Leeds, UK