Virtuoso/Calibre RVE set context

Discussion created by kevin1 on Dec 9, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2010 by gford

What is the variable that you need to set to cycle through DRC errors without having to set the context to the top cell every time?


I am fixing DRCs in a large data base where all of the layout is at a lower level in the hierarchy and fixing all of the errors in edit in place mode.  I am spending a lot of time:


Edit in place

Fix error

Click next error in RVE

Pop up window: Set context to top cell XXXX in window:XX?  Click no to view maskLayout cell XXXX in another window.


Choice A forces me to save and return to the top after each edit, Choice B opens up a new layout window.  I know the option exists to cycle through the errors independant of your location in the layout hierarchy but can't find how this is set.