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DxD [local symbols]

Question asked by Andre on Dec 10, 2009
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got this link from Andy Perlowski since we still have some issues regarding migration from 2007 as well as general ones.

We're currently using PADS 9.0.2 Upd1 with DxDesigner.


After converting a non-iCDB Design we get a library called [local symbols] holding all symbols used in the project.


This symbols have some kind of precedence over other libraries leading to symbols being unable to update and maintain when using more than one seat.


The "partition" field of the symbols is empty and the only way to recover (switch back to distributed lib) is to Edit->ReplaceSymbol on by one ... very time consuming.


Actually I've found a way through automation to exchange the parts automatically but couldn't find how to get rid of [local symbols], i.e. delete them all.


Is there any way to get hold of them using scripting ?

Any other hints to prevent creation of [local symbols] completely during mirgration ?