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    Hi Paulo


      I'm new to DxDesigner, so pleae bear with my learning curve.


      I have a schematic where I tried to run PCB Interface/Assign Reference Designators and I get the following errors:



      Error 6035: Illegal length 0
      Error 6035: Illegal length 0
      Error 6035: Illegal length 0
      Error 6035: Illegal length 0
      Next to the errors there are arrows which popup the message "visit message location"which I would think would  bring me to the offending component, but that doesn't seem to work.  There is no way to identify which component is causing the error.  I searched through my components manually and can't seem to find any one missing the problematic properties--they all have non-zero length PKG_TYPE and DEVICE values.  Any suggestions?
      Barry Volain

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          My understanding is you have contacted Customer Support about this issue, if this is not the case I will provide details here of Customer Support's response to this.



          The message you're receiving concerns two symbols in your DISCRETES symbol library.


          pcb: Note 6057: TopLevel sym DISCRETES:RES: PKG_TYPE=: Bad property value

          pcb: Note 6057: TopLevel sym DISCRETES:CAP: PKG_TYPE=: Bad property value


          In the 6057 Note just after the schematic name (TopLevel) you will see a keyword "sym" that indicates that the problem is on a symbol within a library. The green arrow is not going to take you to an offending instance in your design in spite of what the hyperlink implies. So in this case you have two symbols in the DISCRETES symbol library, namely RES and CAP that are missing some symbol level property values. My guess is that you don't have values for the two properties on the RES and CAP symbols but in your configuration file for layout you have entries for those two properties that may look something like this which require at least one character for the symbol level value:


          CHKVAL _NAME_CHK SYMCOM DEVICE ERR 0 "~\\{}*,.` \t\n\r@" "" 1 40

          CHKVAL _NAME_CHK SYMCOM PKG_TYPE ERR 0 "~{}*,.` \t\n\r" "" 1 40


          The numbers (1 40) at the end of each line indicate that the properties DEVICE and PKG_TYPE must have at least 1 character (some use a ? place holder character at the symbol level) and no more than 40 characters.


          There's a TechNote on SupportNet that discusses the remedy for this problem:










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            Got it.


            I realized after I posted this that it was a problem I had run into before and forgotten about.  Sometimes I need to make the same mistake repeatedly before I figure it out.