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    A Few DxDesigner 2005 to 2007 Migration Questions


      I'm a PCB Designer and mostly use Expedition. My knowledge of DxDesigner is limited, but I have been appointed to address the migration from DxDesigner-Expedition 2005.3 to 2007.5 or later.

      We currently use DxDesigner with the "Netlist Flow", our schematic symbols are stored all over the place, some are in a folder on the server and many are local with the schematic. Our "Central Library" is only used to store the Expedition Cells (Footprints). I understand that the preferred method of migration is to the "Integrated Flow". This will require importing the symbols into the Central Library, defining the pin mapping in the PDB and editing the "Device" Attribute in every schematic symbol in all of our schematics. Eventually, the Integrated Flow will be our process. I'm planning on converting all of our existing designs into the 2007 "Netlist Flow" and utilize the "Integrated Flow" for New Designs or possibly converting them from the netlist flow to the integrated flow at a later date.


      Once I populate the Central Library with schematic symbols and PDB entries will I still be able to use that same Central Library for the netlist flow?

      Currently, the DxDesigner "Create PCB Netlist" creates a stand alone PDB for the design and the forward annotation process extracts the cells (footprints) from the Central Library.

      I want to make sure that the "Netlist Flow" will still work if the Central Library has PDB entries already defined. If it doesn't, I will need to have a separate Central Library for the Netlist Flow.


      I'm also confused about the warning I'm getting when translating a 2005.3 schematic into 2007.5 utilizing the netlist flow:


      The following design attributes are not DxD common properties:


      I thought these were attributes built into DxDesigner and should have been mapped to the appropriate "Properties" automatically.

      Do I need to add these to the mapping configuration file or are these no longer needed and can be ignored?


      Any other "Words of Wisdom" concerning the migration process would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank You for your time,


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          I have a few answers to your questions.


          With 2007.7 you can import a netlist flow project into an EE flow project without the need to convert to CDB flow first. Create a new EE project and then using File - Import netlist project, browse to the netist project and import the schematics and blocks. You may need to do some tweaks afterwards. The key to being successful is to make sure your libraries are configured correctly in the 2005.x design, which leads me on nicely to your library questions.


          To set up your libraries for both netlist and integrated flow decide how you want them partitioned in the Central Library and then use File - Import Symbols in Library Manager to import the symbols into the correct partitions. Update your existing design to point to these new locations prior to migrating the design to 2007.x. If you need to support both flows keep the ATTRIBUTES required by the nelist flow (now referred to as Properties) with the symbols including DEVICE, PARTS=x, PKG_TYPE etc and all pin numbers (#). The EE flow will translate them to the requires Property Name, for example DEVICE to Part Number. You can also import the PDB data created from the netlist flow to populate the library approipriately. For further details look on SupportNet or call Customer Support who should be able to point you to the necessary resources.


          For the ATTRIBUTES you may or may not require, if you think you still use them add them to the Property File in the Central Library - Property Definition Editor. These will be added as User properties. Also, any you need to map to existing properties edit the map.cfg file in the standard directory following the syntax you see in the file.