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About allowed Characters in DxD Symbol pin name strings

Question asked by Filip-Vercauteren on Dec 18, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2009 by robert_davies

Hi all,


I already made an SR about this ( SR 2259622842 ) and it relates to dts0100545400 - note 25.


In short :

"Current behavior of NSE in relation to pin names should be corrected:
1. ( (open parenthesis), and ) (closed parenthesis) should be blocked
2. ` (acute accent), / (forward slash),  space character should be unblocked"


I have made my own script to create Symbol files (in ascii) and for the moment DxDesigner does not crash or something if there is a symbol with a pinname which includes a forward slash or a space.

Only the symbol editor does not allow to edit this pin name string, untill I manually delete this forward slash or space.


Do you guys know about any problems or what will happen downstream, if I already use the / (forward slash) and the space characters in your symbols (through editing the ascii file of the symbol with a script or notepad).


Thanks in advance,