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Need a PLM system recommendation

Question asked by bmenke on Dec 18, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2010 by yu.yanfeng

We are a medium-sized company, with approximately 40 mechanical engineers using Pro/E Wildfire and 10 electrical engineers using PADS Logic/Layout.  We currently use Pro/Intralink 3.4 from PTC for revision control (check-in, check-out, etc.) of all our data, including Pro/E, PADS, AutoCAD, MSOffice, etc.  However, PTC has dropped support of Intralink 3.4, so we're looking to implement a new PLM system.


The mechanical engineers (who are in the majority) are gravitating to Windchill (PDMLink specifically), but we're quickly finding out it's an immensely complicated product (both for the users and the admins!).  Worse yet, it doesn't like PADS data.  PTC sells an "ECAD Workgroup Manager" for Windchill, but it only talks to Expedition.  Even if we complete all the server customization it takes to get the system running, it will be so cumbersome that the users (myself included) won't use it.


We extensively use the IDF import/export tools to build the 3D models of our PCBs, so ideally we'll be able to store our 3D models (Pro/E) and PCB files (PADS) in one database to keep it all synced.


What Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system are you using?  Do you manage your 3D and PCB CAD data together, or are they seperate?