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Design Collaboration by using ICDB flow

Question asked by hsoli on Dec 21, 2009
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I think the main goal of ICDB flow is enhancing design process by working on the same database.


I don’t think fulfill this goal.


I am looking for a solution for these 2 scenarios .


Scenario 1:


2 EE ‘s working on the same design ( a design consist of 2 sheets)

EE-1 editing sheet 1 and  opening sheet 2 view

EE-2 should edit sheet 2 and read sheet 1


Both engineers will lock each other.


Conclusion. No Read/write capabilities on sheet level.

                        2 engineers cannot share same design.



Scenario 2 :

1 EE and 1 PCB designer .

1 EE  working on a project editing design .

1 PCB design opened the same design to check certain area .

PCB design cannot open project for read only .

PCB design may lock the schematic if he opened for viewing


Conclusion : No read/Write capabilities on Project level.


The flow was established under the assumption that designer will open one sheet for edit only and never open other sheets which is incorrect.


Am I correct?


Are there solutions for both scenarios other than archive /backup ?