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      Hi All,


      On our new product, we have a major PCB that interconnects all our functions to a contoller etc.

      We have it drawn in Vesys clasic so wires are set to PCB tracks etc and the PCB is shown on the first 4 sheets. This helps the PCB manufacture create their design etc.

      Looking how VeSys 2.0 works, it would be better from a functional point of view if the PCB wasnt shown as on entity but shown only where required with a specific function. If this was drawn this way, how would the PCB tracks be done and is there anyway of exporting just the PCB tracks to from list type of thing that a PCB supplier could then use for their desig.

      The way the system is layed out is as follows:


      Controller - short harness to PCB - PCB to exterior harness.


      Attached is a pdf of the current PCB in VeSys classic.