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    Macros and Dialog Boxes




        I am using PADS Logic 9.0.1 and I am trying to write a macro to rename connections.  The problem is

      interacting with the 'Net Properties' dialog box.  If my macro has a constant value for the net name

      all is well - like this


      DlgQueryNet.NetName.Text = "NEW_NAME"


      But, if the new name is in a variable the macro gets stuck


      netname = "NEW_NAME"

      DlgQueryNet.NetName.Text = netname


      Any ideas how I can better deal with dialogs from a Macro?





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          Try declaring the variable as "modal" and using it; see this example:


          ' Declaring a variable that is "visible" in the dialog box
          modal strTestText
          strTestText = "Hello"

          'Creating text and setting its value to the "modal varible"
          Application.ExecuteCommand("Create Text")
          DlgAddText.Text = strTestText

          ' Placing the text in a fixed location
          Application.ExecuteCommand("Place", 7346, 5292)