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    Connector Symbols Size


      Hi to all,


      I would like to know why connector’s symbols appear too big in the harness drawing. Is there a reason?


      The symbols have correct dimension in the symbols library, but they appear at double size in the drawing.


      Thanks in advance.


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          What version of VeSys 2.0 are you using ?  The reason why I ask is because since VeSys 2.0 v2009.0 SP0909 (including the most current version just released in December, 2009.1) we can set that symbols are saved with a physical scale (i.e. draw it 5mm high in VeSys 2.0 Symbol and it will appear as 5mm in VeSys 2.0 Harness) or use a grid scale (2 units high in VeSys 2.0 Symbol will appear as 2 units high in VeSys 2.0 Harness / Design).


          If the symbol is drawn correctly, and has been configured to be "physical scaled", and your harness design is created using the correct scale (units) then you may need to raise an SR for someone to take a look at your PC.


          Alternatively, if you don't mind answering the following;


          1. Can you send an image of the symbol scale settings
          2. Can you send an image of the harness grid settings
          3. Can you confirm the exact version (inc any service packs) of VeSys 2.0




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            I am using VeSys 2009.0 .SP0912.11 and you are right, when phisycal scale is selected in the "Set Grid Defaults" window, the connector's symbols appears scaled 1:1.


            Thank you.