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    How to show an in-line fuse in a harness


      I'm trying to represent the attached harness in Vesys 2.0 harness. I'm having very little luck with making an in-line connection.  #4 is a Grote fuse holder that is supplied with pigtails. Is there a best practice for representing a harness like this??



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          To represent the pigtail wire along with the fuse holder, you will need to create two connectors; one at each end of the pigtail wire, and then assign library parts to them that are defined as Not on BOM (so they do not appear on the BOM and are not processed with the harness). Note that having the connectors placed will aid VeSys 2.0 in the selection you might need of any required terminals on the wire ends (pigtail ends).


          You will then need to add the fuse as an additional component on the connector in VeSys 2.0 Harness (its part would also be there in the housing definition of the connector part in VeSys 2.0 Components).


          For the diagram view, styling should be set up to show the right symbol at the end where the fuse holder belongs.




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