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    Expedition can not forward annotate



      I have problem on Expedition set up. On the schematic side when I click the Expedition Icon it opens up properly BUT the Forward Annotate Botton on the ECO is not active. It gives an error  see iamge attchedError.bmp

      Any comment on how to solve it.

      Thanks, Jose

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          Hello Jose,


          could you please attach an screenshot of your "project Integration" dialog, so I can

          do some investiagtions there.




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            Hi, Josè,

            perhaps you must backanno first, Expedition reqires it sometimes.

            To  see it quickly go to >view>toolbars>customize>commands>misc.

            and put the two buttons "cae" to the toolbars.

            Depending on the state they are greyed.


            Hope it helps,


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              Zip up a copy of your design files.  Exit schematic capture and PCB layer.


              If running the BackAnnotation can not be done or running BackAnnotation does not cure the ForwardAnnotation grey-out problem, open the project file with a text editor and look for the

              SECTION VBPCBIndicators lines.  You should find text lines:

              KEY SchematicDesignStatus "0"

              KEY VBPCBForwardAnno "1"

              KEY SchematicDesignBackAnno "0"

              KEY CADBackAnno "0"

              KEY FLATNETNAMEs "0"

              --Plus more text lines--


              If there is a "1" at the end of the line, that means that this action can not be done.  Change the "1" to "0" and open Expedition again.  You should be able to ForwardAnnotate.


              Have fun