How to create new design, and schematic in dxd2007

Discussion created by pritch on Jan 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2010 by Satoru

I am developing a script to be used on initial project creation to prompt the user for a schematic name and automate setting up the borders and border properties.  We have a bunch of border properties for page 1, and a handful for 2 - N.   The overall script form will prompt the user for a design, if it does not exist, create the design, and construct a borders.ini file local to the project, and update the additional properties on page 1.


I have fumbled around with the AddiCDBDesign method, but keep getting incomplete designs.  SchematicSheetDocuments.Open will create a new block (surprisingly) if a design already exists.   I haven't tried it on a completely new project to see if it creates a new design and schematic  like file -> new -> schematic does the first time you do it.  I would like the design and the schematic named the same.