I can't open a layout with DESIGNrev, but the other people in my team can.

Discussion created by yijun_tong on Jan 14, 2010

This is a problem we constantly get with DESIGNrev.  It may look strange because the CAD team usually makes all users on the same environment setup.  However, the universal setup may fail for the following reasons in DESIGNrev.  It's worth a self-check to avoid productivity loss:


1. Do you have enough space in your home directory?  DESIGNrev uses your home directory to store all configuration information in ~/.calibrewb_workspace.

2. Did you make your setting files read-only?  DESIGNrev needs to read/write the configuration throughout a running session.   If you set the file read-only, DESIGNrev may fail.

3. Have you send your display somewhere else?  Check you DISPLAY environment variable. It controls where the GUI goes.

4. Check your available memory.  You can get memory overflow problem when opening a chip taking a lot of memory.

5. Using "-64" switch.  Nowadays, most full-chip layouts are too big to be stored in 32-bit coordinates.  On Linux platform, Calibre DESIGNrev still starts by default on 32-bit mode.  You have to add "-64" to the invocation command to load those layout successfully.