How to get information from ICT table

Discussion created by b.hassink on Jan 18, 2010
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The following Walk_Comps(objComps) function doesn't walk though a ICT table if this is part from an Hierarchical Schematic.


' Traverse components, sheets, and hierarchy; perform functions
Sub Walk_Comps(objComps)
    Dim objComp, objSymBlk, iSymType
    For Each objComp In objComps
        Set objSymBlk = objComp.SymbolBlock
        iSymType = objSymBlk.SymbolType
        'Skip Annotate and Pin type symbols
        If ((iSymType <> VDB_ANNOTATE) And (iSymType <> VDB_PIN) And (objComp.Refdes <> "")) Then
            'Update parts list with component data
            GetComponentData objComp
        End If 
End Sub


'Get the data from the component
Sub GetComponentData(comp)
        Refdes = comp.Refdes
        'Refdes = GetCompSymAttributeValue(comp, "REFDES")
        If (Refdes = "") Then Refdes = comp.Uid
        DeviceAtt = GetCompSymAttributeValue(comp, "DEVICE")
        If (DeviceAtt = "") Then DeviceAtt = comp.SymbolBlock.GetName(SHORT_NAME)
        PartNumAtt = GetCompSymAttributeValue(comp, "PART_NUMBER")
        'More attributes can be added here
        ValueAtt = GetCompSymAttributeValue(comp, "VALUE")
        AttachAtt = GetCompSymAttributeValue(comp, "Attachment")
  DNPAtt = GetCompSymAttributeValue(comp, "Unplaced Symbol")


Could someone suggest how you could walk through a entire design including Interconnectivity Tables and get the REFDES and PART_Number information?


Looking forward for any suggestion.


Best regards,