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    Variant Manager migration?


      Prior to the 2007 workflows Variant Manager operated in DxDesigner.


      For the 2007 workflows it appears that it only functions in EE workflows

      and not the net-list workflows or the Vendor Independant work flow.


      Currently I have several designs (2006IND) which use Variant Manager.

      Will I have to migrate these designs to use Expedition PCB in order

      to retain the Variant Manager functionality?

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          Variant Management is supported in 2007.x Vendor Independent flow as well, not only in the Expedition Enterprise flow.

          So you don't  have to go to Expedition flow with your designs.

          As for migration of variant  data from previous releases to the current IND version, we published on SupportNet tool  for the conversion which could be useful to you: https://supportnet.mentor.com/downloads/related/dx-pads-variant-converter.cfm .


          Please take a look at those and let us know if that worked for  you.

          Thank you.


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            Thank you for your quick response.


            This is what I do see using the EE2007.8 tool:

               ---> Create a project under "Expedition" workflow (integrated EE) - Variant tools available under the \view\other windows menue option.

               ---> Create a project under "Netlist" workflow (regardless of layout tool) - Variant tools are not available under the \view\other windows menue option.


            When DxDesigner is initially opened the Variant tools are available, but they become disabled as soon as a 'netlist' project is opened.

            I have tried the  convertor, but it has not helped for the EE2007.8 tool.

            I have not yet tried it using the 2007IND work flow.





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              I'm in Paolo's team and looked into the issue that you reported that the Variant Manager Tools were disabled when you switched to the Vendor Independent Netlist Flow.

              They are enabled in the netlist flow when the layout tool is PADS or Expedition but are disabled if neither layout tools are installed and therefore not seen by DxDesigner

              As a result of your request we are investigating a software update that will allow you to access the tools without PADS or Expedition being installed.

              If your request is urgent you can still access the Variant Tools by loading our PADS Software. You will not need to run the tools at all as the check is simply that they have been loaded but of course you are very welcome and encouraged to evaluate our PADS software suite at this time. We will notify you of the availability of an update either through this thread or your private email so just let me know what you'd prefer.

              Regards and thanks,


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                Thank you for verifying this.

                All of my current work is in DxDesigner and Allegro; and we are supposed to be moving to Expedition this year.

                I have not had any luck with using the Variant tools, regardless of what layout tool is specified in the project settings.

                My current work is with 2006IND, and I do have 2007.8EE installed, and am willing to wait until a patch is ready or a determination is made not to support
                Variant Manager on a netlist workflow.


                Should a patch be made available I would be willing to test it out since this would not be for production use.


                As a side note:

                  Although it is specified that Variant Manager is a licensed option (and we do in fact have licenses for it) "Variant Manager"

                  does not appear in the Licensing section in the Settings.




                Thank you again for your quick response,