Automation for printing a searchable PDF from Design Capture

Discussion created by dominik.dollinger on Jan 25, 2010
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I have the following problem:

I want to automate my schematic PDF output so it does 1) print searchable (intelligent) PDFs and 2) can arrange the pages in a user defined order.


My manual aproach till now is as follows:

- Printing the schematic via "Print Design" as PostScript Files.

- Putting those PostScripts together and (if desired) rearranging the page order via "FreePDF Join".


Our setup is Design Capture 2007.7 (Update 4) ond Windows XP. The symbol texts in the Library are the Mentor Default Gerber Font (hence the detour via PostScript, so it is searchable at all).



So is there any way (maybe via Batch) to automate this whole "printing out PostScripts and arranging them in some order" process?



Best regards,

Dominik Dollinger