HyperLynx V8.0 - simulation result (boardsim vs. Linesim)

Discussion created by MaBUa on Jan 25, 2010
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Hi all,

have you ever met the same problem as me?


I opened a hyp file in boardsim.

- added ibis models to driver and receiver.

- added serial resistor and capacitor close to receiver

Run simulation in boardsim and se non-monotonic signal at receiver... see my picture (board_R_C_board_link)


Then I the same configuration exported into linesim and run the simulation and I saw a different result.. see my picture (board_R_C_exported_to_free_schematic)


My question is: shouldn't be the result the same in boardsim and linesim?? I think should.


On my last picture you can see the schematic (sch_exported_into_linesim)



Myny thanks for every notes..


Bye Martin