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    HyperLynx V8.0 - simulation result (boardsim vs. Linesim)


      Hi all,

      have you ever met the same problem as me?


      I opened a hyp file in boardsim.

      - added ibis models to driver and receiver.

      - added serial resistor and capacitor close to receiver

      Run simulation in boardsim and se non-monotonic signal at receiver... see my picture (board_R_C_board_link)


      Then I the same configuration exported into linesim and run the simulation and I saw a different result.. see my picture (board_R_C_exported_to_free_schematic)


      My question is: shouldn't be the result the same in boardsim and linesim?? I think should.


      On my last picture you can see the schematic (sch_exported_into_linesim)



      Myny thanks for every notes..


      Bye Martin

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          Hi Martin,


          Generally speaking, the answer is yes, the results should be the same between BoardSim and LineSim.  Just quickly looking at the images that you posted, it looks like in one case you're measuring at the pin (schematic) and the other you are measuring at the die. The other thing I would check is the value of the parasitics on the discrete elements in your LineSim schematic.  Set them to the Minimum setting and see if that impacts the results. 



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            Hi Steve,

            thank you for your answer.


            So, both measurements were at pin.

            Steve, as you wrote the both measurements should be the same..... I tried to remove quick rermination (in BoardSim) (R close to driver and C close to receiver) and exported it to LineSim and compared both results now and both were the same.

            Apparently play the role the parasitics values (hope)....


            Thnak you