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    What Means That Mentor Acquries Zeland's IE3D-SI?


      In Zeland's website, there is an annoucement about Mentor acquires Zeland. The link points to a Mentor Graphics's announcement about Mentor Graphics Enhance Hyperlynx SI and PI with 3D EM analyis , a result of recent acquisition of certain assets of Zeland Software Inc.  I amn't sure whether Mentor aquires Zeland or acquires only certin asets of Zeland. I think Mentor may only acquired Zeland's IE3D-SI portfolio, not the company.


      This a positive new to Hyperlynx users. I am looking forwards to see a powful and complete SI/PI/Timing release of Hyperlynx suite soon. But I still have question about the speed of 3D solver. IE3D is based on the MoM Menthod which is excellent to layered planar structures such as patch antenna, filters, but consumes much memory.