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    DRC Question




      My question concerns pins that do not get connected in the design, as opposed to pins that are defined as no-connects in an IC data sheet.  Is there a symbol or a way to indicate which pins are supposed to be left unconnected?   The unconnected pins create errors when running the DRC checks.  If I have a connector or fpga or something like that with a lot of parts I don't want to have to check all these errors.  This functionality was available in Boardstation and in other tools too.





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          I don't believe it reports errors, just warnings, which you can take note of but ignore.  It's just an FYI thing.

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            In verify there are some checks you can turn on or off, DRC 107 checks for unconnected pins, you may define which pins to check and whether they should be an error, warning or note by editing the settings in the full dialog. DRC 123 checks for single pin nets, again you can switch it off or set it to a note, warning or error.

            In the next release of DxDesigner we will introduce a No Connect symbol which will allow you to add a net to a pin you wish to leave 'unconnected' and terminate this with the No Connect symbol. This will prevent DRC 107 and DRC 123 from reporting either unconnected pins or single pin nets. The net will not be forward annotated to Expedition.


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              Thanks for the replies.  I like to have a clean DRC and not ignore warnings that way nothing gets missed by accident.  Good to see that this will be included in future releases.





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                In the PADS Flow, I use a net stub which I connect to an unused pin and I create the property NC with no value to the net.

                Does this only works with the PADS interface?