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    IPC-D-356, A & B usage




      I have a questions regarding the useage of the IPC-D-356 format.


      What is most comoonly used today & why:


      • IPC-D-356
      • IPC-D-356-A
      • IPC-D-356-B


      Expedition PCB has had the capbility to generate IPC-D-356 for several years, then when FabLink XE was launched we skipped A and went straight to providing the B version.


      I am well aware of the differences and aditional capabilities that A provided over standard 356 and B over A etc.but would like to have a better understanding with regard to who's using what, where and why.


      For example what post PCB layout tools are consumers of the different flavors of the 356 format?


      From what I can ascertain, there are very few tools out there today that can actually consume the B version. Right or wrong?