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    xRC and Primetime-compatible netlist?


      Has anybody figured out how to get 2009 versions of Calibre to generate a correct SPEF netlist for primetime?


      My runsets work in 2008.3 but I have no luck with 2009.x versions. Any suggestion?



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          I can only speak to parasitic extraction. Between the 2008.3 version and 2009.1 the environment variables that controled the netlisting options were converted to SVRF statements and parameters. Some of these changes had to do with SPEF netlist generation. You may want to look at the "PEX Netlist" SVRF statement in the SVRF manual to see what parameters are required for generating a SPEF netlist. All PEX environment variables that contained SPF or SPEF string are now represented by parameters in the "PEX Netlist" SVRF statement. Details of the environment variable to SVRF parameter changes are found in the 2008.3/2008.4/2009.x Calibre Release Notes document, found in SupportNet. Hope this helps.