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    PADS body to body clearance underneath display

      On a lot of our designs we have a display with components underneath. It's quite frustrating that PADS reports body to body clearance fault on every single one of the components underneath the display.
      Does any of you know a trick creating the display decal so PADS doesn't report clearance fault on the components underneath?
      I have already tried making the component outline smaller than the component itself but it seems like PADS ignores this and creates it's own outline.
      Henrik Olesen
      Kamstrup A/S
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          The simplest way is to go into the Color Setup Dialog and turn off the silk and/or assembly outlines (no outline = no body-to-body check). I would run one check with the outlines on (to make sure there are no real errors), then one with it off. Also, if you use a courtyard layer, turn it off.


          You can also go into the "Setup" button and turn off (uncheck) the "Body to body" selection, but then you're leaving yourself open to actual errors being ignored.