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Migration error from EPD 3.0 to IND2007.8

Question asked by massimo on Feb 26, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by robert_davies

Good afternoon,

I'm new of this forum, I hope to find the solution of my problem.


I have some old projects created with EPD 3.0 which I'd like to use with recent build 2007.8 of Mentor Graphics Dx Designer.


When I open Dx Designer tool, I open the file .dproj of my old project but the migration process is stopped after 2 seconds. The content of migration.log file is the following one:



00:00:00 Starting Migration
00:00:00 Project configuration files are being read...
00:00:00 CDB flow is not used. Migrate as NETLIST flow...
Some user-specific settings have not been maintained during migration. See Migration.log if you want to know details.
00:00:02 Migration stopped because schematics cannot be migrated to iCDB






I can't understand the main cause of this error, because the project didn't have any kind of problems after last Save+Check process.


Do anyone can help me with some suggestion?



Thank you very much,