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Support for Cookbook Designs

Question asked by MarkP on Mar 3, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2010 by robert_davies

I have a question regarding how to support reusable designs in EE 2007.x.  Currently we are using 2005.3 and have created a database of circuits - each reuable circuit contains both the schematic and a hierarchical symbol.  In DxDatabook, we have a table for the reusable designs, that contains a link to both the schematic and symbol.  While we do have cases where the design is used "as-is", most of our design work is more cookbook-like: the schematic is added to the design as a hierarchical block but then modified to fit the need of the end product.


In 2007, the Reuse block feature seems only to be suited for cases where the reusable design is not altered - you place the symbol on your schematic and reference the block as-is.  I like the concept of the verified reusable circuit, but I don't see how this will work for true "cookbook" designs. The only approach I can think of for 2007 reusable designs is to provide a link to the 2007 project (containing the schematic) and then Copy/Paste the reusable schematic into the current design.  While this approach will work, it is somewhat clunky (you have to launch a new DxDesigner window to open the reusable project, then Copy and Paste the design to the new project).  Another approach is to convert the reusable design as a Netlist project, then Import this into the new project.


Is there a different method or way for the Reuse block to be used for cookbook designs?