Do you need negative planes in Board Station XE?

Discussion created by steve_shively on Mar 5, 2010
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I am soliciting feedback regarding a change Mentor Graphics plans to make for the Board Station XE (BSXE) flow starting in BSXE2007.9.  For every release since 2007, we have emphatically stated that use of the positive image planes was the best method for planes and fills for BSXE.  We chose to allow negative planes in previous releases until we were sure we had all the capabilities necessary to smoothly move away from them.  We passed that point with the 2007.5 release, but we still have the negative planes available as of BSXE2007.7. Removing this method of plane generation will allow us to focus on more important features/fixes as well as having a more consistent use model within the user base. Board Station designs that use negative planes may still be imported into BSXE, and then converted into positive planes (this functionality already exists). Also note that this change does not affect Expedition PCB, nor does it affect the classic Board Station Layout / Board Station RE flow: the existing functionalities will remain intact for those tools.


We intend to disable negative planes for the BSXE flow only in BSXE2007.9 and would like to hear feedback as to any reason you feel this would be problematic. I’m looking for technical reasons for using negative planes over positive planes, not ones such as, “we currently use negative planes”. Thanks in advance for your input.


Steve Shively

Board Systems Division

Mentor Graphics