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API for editing DxDesigner symbols.

Question asked by avjohn on Mar 8, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2010 by StuartB_EricssonTV

It seems that the API we used in ePD2005 for modifying symbols is not available in EE2007.  I have two scripts, one cleans up symbols that we have created using SymXpert, the other creates a POP (part on part) symbol from a regular symbol.  A POP symbol looks like a regular symbol, the pin information is replaced with graphics and text.  These scripts no longer work in EE2007.  The new symbol editor is Tcl based but I haven't seen a way to have the editor call a Tcl script from within the tool to modify a symbol.


What does Mentor propose that we use to modify DxDesigner symbols programmatically?