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Please, if you have not signed up for Bright Ideas then do so.  Please Take a look at the following Ideas for DxDesigner and Mentor Site Improvement which I feel are extremely useful, and cast your votes.  The more I speak with Mentor, the more they tell me to use Bright Ideas, and I am getting tired of that response with little results.  Use the link Under Each One for quick access.  

Net Naming Pin Property

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Currently there are Global Net Names, like power and ground, that are global for the entire design, this includes all hierarchical blocks and FUB's, that propagate the Pin Name to the Net and force that name to be there.  However, if you are interested in showing power distribution you would want to include power and ground pins on these hirearchical blocks and connect them as you would any other signal traversing the layers of hierarchy. Also, you would want to still use the power and ground graphics to show a power and ground connection, but would want the net name to be forced to match that of the pin, exactly the same as a Global Net Name, without being Global.  This is also true for connectors, often you may want to label the connector and have that pin name propagate onto the attached pin.  We feel the best way to do this is with some pin property that you could set, much like the NETNAME property from Design Architect, that would perform this exact func

Rollback Should Be Reversible

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Currently, if you perform a backup, or multiple backups, it timestamps the project and saves a snapshot of the sheet.  Great!  However, if, as a user, I were to rollback to a previous snapshot, lets say to check how I had something setup originally, or even if I mistakenly rollback too far, the way this functionality works currently is it erases all backups that occured after that snapshot.  While this may make sense from the stand point of a true snapshot of the sheet, it is not user friendly at best, and potentially harmful at worst.  At the very least there should be a rollback undo, that would allow you to revert to the state you were in before performing the rollback command.  One step further would be to keep the backup snapshots available AND allow for a rollback undo.  This would allow a user to easily find which backup they were looking for without having to worry about rolling back too far.

Off Sheet Connector Name and signal name must match

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Currently in EE2007.7 DxDesigner allows you to name the offsheet connector different than the signal that it is attached to.  This is going to cause problems with designs getting their signals crossed when someone renames the off sheet but does not rename the signal  This needs to get FIXED as soon as possible.

Allow users to select whether they wish to auto-label every new net or not

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When placing nets on a schematic I hardly ever want to label them the very second I place them, however, when I have the properties window open, every time I place a net it automatically selects the net label window and changes focus.  This is a bad idea.  When the focus changes, users do not notice and go about their business, which includes ZOOM.  When zooming with the scroll wheel you can inadvertently select a previously named net and create an interconnect you did not expect.  This new "feature" introduces design errors into our design process.  This needs to either get fixed, or a switch needs to be implemented to disable this unhelpful feature.

Fix Property Locations On Symbols

D1214  Category: DxDesigner for Exped...

We want the ability to set a flag that fixes the property location around a symbol.  Certain properties we don't want users to be able to move, for instance Value and Reference Designator.  This is because if you accidentally move the value and it winds up near another part of similar type, a person reading the schematic may think that value or refdes is for the other part.



We need the ability for a connector symbol to also act as a port to support multi-board simulation

D1941  Category: DxDesigner for Expedition

We need the ability for a physical connector symbol to also act as a port to support hierarchical multi-board simulation. With EE2005 hierarchical connections were made from the net name on the lower level  circuit to the pin name on the symbol  for that circuit. In EE2007 hierarchical connections must go through a port connected to the net. This change has broken our ability to do simulation and layout using one schematic.  We need a symbol for a connector that can go to layout as a physical component and also support a hierarchical connection for simulation. We need the ability connect multiple boards together for multi-board simulation.

Mentor Needs to Proactively Review ALL Ideas and Determine if Fixed or Related to Other Ideas

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Mentor needs to have people, engineers, whose wntire job is to understand the tool, what it can do, and regularly test to see if ideas have been implemented in the newest release.  These people should then comment on that idea saying it is fixed and in which release, and then change the status to implemented.  Too many times I have looked through the Mentor Ideas website and seen ideas that already are fixed still cluttering up my screen.  This would also be good as a way of noting ideas that are related to determine the true desire of the community for specific ideas.

Add Version Selection to Ideas and Display That Info

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Often Times I will be looking through the Mentor Ideas website and wondering if an idea even pertains to my current situation, or if an idea was posted for 2007.1 and STILL isn't fixed I may wish to add another idea.  It would be nice to have this information.





Add Linking Ability Between Multiple Related Ideas

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Within the Mentor Ideas Website there are sometimes related or repeats of the same basic idea.  There should be a method to tie your idea to another idea, possibly combining them at some point.

Net Connect Part For Aliasing Nets Without | Symbol

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Currently there are two options for aliasing two nets together.  Either live with the | in-between the two aliased names, or build a convoluted symbol that utilizes a short within a sub-block to alias two nets without the | symbol.  Mentor should support and build a symbol/part that can be placed in-between two nets and alias them together without a | in the net name, or a sub-schematic within the design.  Something that would act the same way as a one-bit ripper did in 2005.3.  The tool could then make note of the alias in the output log window if desired.  This "Net Connect" should also convert one-bit rippers from 2005.3 projects into this new form, rather than deleting/shorting them, as it does currently.

Enlarge configuration Gui for DxDesigner- DXDatabook

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Configuration GUI for DxDatabook is a table that you have to scroll accross to change the entries.

It would make it far more user friendly to be able to expand the table so that you can see what you are editing