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Migration from 2005 to PADS 9.0 Dxdesigner

Question asked by ali.r.feizi on Mar 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by Alex_Grange

I have an old database project with multiple schematics. I am trying to migrate the project with all the schematics in it into PADS9.0 DxDesigner. When attempting to migrate, the migration stops since the WIR files are "out of Date"??. It is asking to delete and recreate WIR files using the old DxDesigner that I don't have installed on my computer. Do I need to install 2005 version and how I can switch between 2005 and PADS9.0? Do I need to open every schematics in the old project and create new WIR file for each? What is the easiest way to migrate all the schematics?