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    Moving Bundles


      I somehow did it, maybe accident. What is the trick to moving a bundle/section of harness from one node to another? Nothing in the help file on doing this that I can find under bundle configuration.




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          Hi Jay,


          It is possible to move a connector from one bundle end/node to another by right clicking on the Connector Table then selecting 'Move', you then select the new node that you want the Connector attached to.  I don't know if this resolves your issue?

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            Not exactly what  I am trying to do. I need to be able to move a bundle (section of harness) from one node to another. Drawing in full scale, I mistakenly drew a bundle from the wrong node and need to move it.

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              Hi Jay,


              I realised you were trying to move a bundle but I couldn't find out how to do that.  Although it was a long shot I thought that moving the connector may have helped you...obviously it didn't

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                Here is what I found in just the last 5 minutes. If you want to move a section of harness, you have to detach it from the node by deleting a section of it then you can select that portion of the harness and move it. Does not seem to be a way to move it if it is connected to a node.

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                  Hi Jay,


                  I too found something similar.  To move a bundle from one node to another I did the following:


                  • Added a bundle from the old node to the new
                  • Deleted of the bundle I didn't need (this left me 2 bundles)
                  • I merged the 2 bundles back into 1 bundle


                  Although this is a workaround I didn't post it as there might be a far simpler way of doing this that I have overlooked, normally Muhammad hangs around on these forums and is quick to answer these types of questions....

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                    Sorry I am late for this really interesting thread

                    Broadly speaking, Jay has got it right, there's no way to move the section unless it's disconnected "somehow" from the node it's connected to. It's then a question of how you disconnect it.


                    I think I've got a method that is somewhat similar to yours, Joel. I'll describe mine hoping it's not the exact same:


                    1. Select to add a Static bundle (this is one where you tell it after creation what its length should be)

                    2. Place the first node (node A) on the bundle at the bundle from the branch that needs moving, try placing it close to the connection node (node X)

                    Make a note of the number in the NPU that denotes the distance of the new node from the node X (let's say YY)

                    3. Place the second node (node B) on the new location where you want the moved branch to connect to the main branch

                    4. Fill in the value of the bundle length with YY (this is to account for the length lost from the bundle due to the break)

                    5. Delete the old bit of the moved branch (between node A and node C) and merge the two segments of the bundle together.


                    It sounds like a handful of steps, but it's really quick to do when I tried it.

                    let me know how it goes.




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                      I knew if I mentioned Muhammad's name he would appear on the forum to answer this post


                      Muhammad my suggestion sounds the same as yours, you just described the steps much better than I did!