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    How can we create global settings for RVE?


      It seems RVE only reads the home directory setup file.  Is there a way to work around to create a global setting for RVE that everyone in the group can use?

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          you can use the environement variable "MGC_RVEDB_DIR". After that you can point it to a directory with your shared file .rvedb.

          Example to set your .rvedb as standard:

          calibre -rve -drc out.rdb

          [you modify the GUI as you like and close it]


          [shared ".rvedb" in the directory /usr/share/.(you have to be root)]

          cp ~/.rvedb /usr/share/

          [setup that for all the users of your system in /etc/profile. Add the following file]

          export MGC_RVEDB_DIR=/usr/share/

          [or easily direct in your session]

          setenv MGC_RVEDB_DIR /usr/share/


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