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Opening DxDesigner 9.x in Read-Only mode ?

Question asked by SB on Mar 26, 2010
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by abhishek.gupta1



currently we are discussing in our team the general upgrade from the 2007

version to the new 9.1 version of DxDesigner and PADS.


There is at least one general approach change:

The new 9.x version uses a database and not longer several ASCII files for

the design storage. The result is - among other things - that every

change you do within the design is instantly tracked within the database.

Closing the program will not longer ask you if the changes shall be stored or refused:

The changes are already stored. To leave the design unchanged after

having a view (and potentially changing something unintentionally) one should

either make a backup and rollback (new menu items) and both are manual

actions one have to remember every time, or pressing several times CTRL-Z,

or putting the database to read-only before opening the design.


All three actions are extra work and in my opinion a kind of disadvantage

of the new version.


Is there another possibility to prevent a design from beeing changed if one want

to have a view and of course want to search for parts and details ?

What are your experiences with this new database based approach ?


Thanks for your feedback,