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    Having trouble drawing Paste Mask



      I am currently trying to create a solder paste stencil using PADS 9. I draw the copper outlines on the Paste Mask Top layer and reduce the line width to 1. After this to fill in the selected area I decrease the hatch grid to 0.5 (half of my line width). The only problem is that this does not save, and every time i view the part i have to repeat this process. Is there any solution to this or way to create a permanent fill that will enable me to create my desired solder paste stencil?




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          here are a couple of suggestions from our Support Engineers;


          1. "Andy, 

          When a part is placed in pcb design decal level coppers are hatched using the Copper Hatch Grid setting
          defined in the design (Tools/Options/Grid).  If you need a solid fill for a decal copper you must adjust
          Copper Hatch Grid settings in PCB file. 
          The alternative solution is to associate copper with a pin (in decal editor) in this case copper will be always filled.
          The third option is to customize the decaledt.asc file
          1) Open Decal Editor
          2) Go to Tools/Options/Grid
          3) Make changes
          4) File/Save As Startup File
          These settings will be vallid each time you open Decal Editor
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          The best suggestion I'd have is to ask the user to peruse the help files looking for "soldermask oversize". See the link above (it might need to be pasted into the browser if it wrapped badly). This will provide him with basic documentation on how it is controlled. If he still needs help with a particular application, he should log an SR in SupportNet and someone will get back to him within an hour or so..






          Hello Andy,

          BTW - we do have a customer at the account Abbott Point of Care Inc. (site ID is 3088076). When you reply you may want to ask if this is his company and mention the use of SupportNet. Thanks.................Txxxxx"





          above are the suggestions.

          I also will add, you can most likelly get a quicker answer by going to SupportNet.


          And, I know it maybe confussing, but PADS related challanges, which this one was, can also be handled on "Ask Andy".