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    Multiple instance of a Ground


      I have an issue in a design that I would like some input on, and hopefully someone might have a solution.


      In my design I have 4 instances of the same chassis ground, as there are 4 ring terminals that are all grounded to the same stud. My issue is that I can only get one the four connectors to actually connect.


      I have thought about closely relating the names of the grounds, so I would have GND3A, GND3B, GND3C, and GND3D, but, I would prefer to have them all under the same name.


      Any ideas?



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          Hi jbendel


          I think you need to model this scenario differently. If my understanding is correct, you've got 3 ring terminals terminating on the same stud. On the VeSys 2.0 Harness side the ring terminals would be modeled as "terminals" at the en of wires. The stud would be a not on BOM connector (for details on the methodology for modeling ring terminals see the following best practice: http://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-1423 -- it applies for both CHS and VeSys 2.0 )


          This means that on the VeSys 2.0 Design side, you just need to have 4 instances of that connector, and each wire would terminate on one instance of the connector.


          Hope this helps


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            Ok, here's another wrinkle.


            Although all of the terminals are on the same stud, they are not all on the same harness, and therefore cannot be all on the same connector.

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              Let me try "ironing" this one out


              Why would that be a problem?


              Of course the wires go only on their harness, so W1 goes on H1, and W2 goes on H2

              But the connector would have the harnesses it can go on comma-separated: e.g. H1, H2 and thus gets on both. Seeing as it's not on BOM any way, you don't care about it, but you need it on both harnesses for terminal selection.


              The thing to note is: the stud is a connector for CCM to be able to select your terminal. How you decide to manage this connector (single instance, multiple instances, different connectors) is up to the particular situation on your wiring design.