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    Running epd2004 and DX (PADS2007.4)

      Is it possible to run DxDesigner (EPD 2004) and DxDesigner (PADS 2007.4) on the same PC?  Will there be conflicts with the installation?

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          I am investigating --- give us a couple of days to respond.




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            There should be no issues having both software tools on the same system but there are good rules of practice to avoid trouble.  We would recommend:


            1.       The tools should not be used to generate cross flow data.  There is too large a span in revisions which may lead to problems.  (i.e. don’t use DxD in EPD2004 to generate netlist data for PADS Layout in PADS2007.4 or vice versa).



            2.       EPD2004 and PADS2007.4 should not be installed to the same installation root to avoid overwriting the configurator from each version.  i.e. PADS207.4 by default installs to C:\MentorGraphics.  It is wise to install it to a different location  if EPD2004 uses that root to avoid overwriting the installer and configurator from the older version.



            3.       When switching between versions a user should open a DOS window and run the “uninstall” option of the configurator from the current version to clean the older version settings (this doesn’t install the software) and then run the configurator from the version you want to use. Here is an example of the steps to switch from PADS2007.4 to EPD2004:

            a.       Open a DOS window

            b.      Go to C:\MentorGraphics\Win32

            c.       Run “configurator – uninstall” .  A screen will be displayed indicating the removal of environmental settings.

            d.      Change the directory in the DOS window to the equivalent location for EPD2004 (similar to step b) where the configurator for that version is located.

            e.      Run the configurator with no switches and select EPD2004 if prompted.

            f.        Reverse the process when switching from EPD2004 to PADS2007.4


            There is a technote on this on SupportNet at http://supportnet.mentor.com/reference/technotes/public/technote.cfm?tn=mg66837