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Calibre xRC, PEX setup for 65nm IBM

Question asked by felipewerle on Apr 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2010 by karen_chow

My name is Felipe Werle and I work in the microelectronic lab in my university (UFRGS -
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) in Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Right now we are working with IBM cmos10lpe in 65nm, cadence I6.1.3, design kit V4.1.0 
and calibre v2008.4_36.26 for DRC LVS and xRC.
And I can't extract my circuits with calibre xRC. I have already include de in my
cmos10lpe_"deck"_6_02_00_00_LB_"detail" to make the rule file for PEX. But it
didn't work, when I select to load this file it find one error like SYN8 on line 91? ?
unpaired left brace (/{)or right brace(}/)?
I don't really know what is wrong; I read that I should include in the file.
Could you please send me a tutorial to run and setup PEX with this Calibre, this
technology and this cadence? I have already search in the web but didn't found anything
that help me.

Do you know how to set calibre PEX in this tecnology?

Thank you.

Felipe Correa Werle