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Naming schematic sheets with description rather than number

Question asked by ted_casper on Apr 20, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by Gary_Lameris

Are there any issues with giving schematic sheets a descriptive name rather than a number?  This would be beneficial since scout (cross reference in PADS9.x) now numbers sheets in a logical progression with hierarchical sheets being placed within the number sequence.  Also, DxPDF appears to use the sheet number (name) as its input for determining names it assigns to the PDF tree structure.


Here is an example.  The design has 18 pages at the root level and is two deep with hierarchy.  The red numbers show how scout numbers the pages in PADS9.x.  To the right is the PDF output tree using <Export><PDF>





The PDF generator labels each sheet with it corresponding name rather than its actual page number making it confusing for the reader.  What is listed as page 17 is actually page 25 of the PDF or printed version.


If the pages are labled by function, the PDF tree allows the user to ignore page numbers.   The same schematic with pages named by function would look like the following along with its corresponding PDF.


2nd Try.JPG


My questions are:


Is there any problem with using functional names rather than numbers for schematic sheets?

Can spaces be used in the schematic sheet names?

Can the page_number_attr "PAGENUM" be used on hierarchical pages?  (have not found a way to assign instance value for unattached properties)

How do I use the page_number_file with hierarchical pages?  It works fine for the top level but does not affect the hierarchical pages.  I don't understand the syntax required.

Can the PDF tree structure be modified to title pages differently?  For instance, can the schematic name and word sheet be suppressed so the above would read "Revisions" rather than "666667011 Sheet Revisions"?