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    Splice type


      When I generate the harness summary report the splices are all listed as Crimp splices. I can not find in either the harness drawing or the schematic where to change that to Ultrasonic weld splices. How do I change this?




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          Hi Mark,


          That particular field in the Harness Summary may have only been 'package protected' for a future enhancement, if you need to use these fields to cost a harness that uses ultrasonic welds differently you may need to find some other way of doing this.


          Will there be different splicing methods in the same drawing?  If not then you may be able to find a way of identifying a 'spliced harness' versus an 'ultrasonically welded harness'.  If you let me know your usage and whether the splicing method is mixed in one drawing I may be able to give you a workaround.

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            We are just starting to create our harness drawings using VeSys and I was testing what the Harness Manufacturing Reports were generating. It caught my attention on the Harness Summary Report that it listed all of the splices as Crimp Splices. I don't want our harness suppliers to be confused by this if they generate the reports themself. I can add a note to the drawing saying that all splices are to be Ultrasonic Weld Splices if I need to. I was just curious as to if there was some setting for the splices that I could set so that I don't need to add the note.

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              Why don't you swap to using normal splices instead of ultrasonic then you won't have to change the report....


              A possible workaround would be to edit the descriptions used in the Harness Summary the "Splices" to read "Ultrasonic Welds", this is done in the VeSys Configuration Editor.

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