Context menus to change by automation

Discussion created by Andreas.Schaefer on Apr 23, 2010
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we asked Mentor Graphics for years, to change the context menu design and provide automation code for accessing them.


Think about all the possibillities you would have, if you could tailor the RightMouseButtons menus by automation to your needs.

  • You could move often used keyins to a tailored menu.
  • You would be able to reduce the menue to all the items you really need
  • You could add your own functionallity on a RMB, e.g replace cell with the RMB instead of clicking anywhere in the top Menu and then selection in a GUI.


Those are only a fwe examples, but there is much more capabillity behind.


If you think I am right, please discuss it here or vote for my idea to "Modify Context menus by Automation"