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Why does New Symbol Editor creates symbols with old property notation (like EXP2005 attributes)?

Question asked by artsiom.shchatsko on Apr 26, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2010 by artsiom.shchatsko

In EE2007 iCDB flow all attributes from EXP2005 were replaced with properties (to have it consistent with Central Library, I guess). So now for example there is not a "REFDES" attribute but a "Ref Designator" property in schematics.


But if I create a symbol from scratch in New Symbol Editor and open the symbol in text editor I see old "attribute-like" notation in it (e.g. "DEVICE" instead of "Part Number" etc)

Setting symbol "Precision=High" doen't change it. Is it how it's intended to be or it's somehow configurable?


Thanks in advance!