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    via limitation


      iam using mentor expedition pcb 2000.5. i have some problem with via stack up , iam using over 20000 vias in my board

      when save and reopen of the project gives me a error stating the  via  padstack 0-0 is missing. and file closes


      1.is there any via limitation in this version?


      thank in advance



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          Sounds like a corrupt layout database to me.


          I have had a simular problem with a 4 Layer board that wouldn't open a board because a via padstack 1-14 that was missing...

          I copied the \work\Backupdatabase\ to my layout folder and could reopen it but when I saved and reopend I got the error back.


          When I viewed the via definition in setup parameters it effectivly said layer 1-14 instead of Trough Via.


          I exported the layout database to ASCII and changed the in the ..VIA definitions the text 'LYR_1 LYR_14' to 'LYR_1 LYR_4' and reimported it which fixed the problem.

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            thanks for your response,


            i have tried taking the backup database and open the layout but i did not find the similar problem u faced


            as iam doing a 6 layer board my setup parameter show's 1-6 via stackup only