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    FlexCable experience




      I was just asked today about the capabilities of possibly using some FlexCable in one of my projects. I have no prior experience with using/designing any kind of flexcable so I was wondering if there were any past forums discussing this topic and if it is possible to create these in VeSys2.0. I'm not sure if it would be similar to regular wire harness design or completely different.  I just wanted to get some basics and see if anyone else has any experience. I did a basic search in the communities and didn't come up with anything.


      Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


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          I suggest you create FlexCable as a multicore cable in VeSys 2.0 Components, usage within VeSys 2.0 Design is not any different compared with a regular oval cable, you can work in VeSys 2.0 Harness as though its a regular cable within your harness, however with VeSys 2.0 Harness you will not be able to calculate bundle diameters where you've got flexcable. 


          Let me know how you get on,


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