Welcome to the "I/O Designer Insiders" Community

Discussion created by dave_brady on May 15, 2010

Howdy & Welcome!!



  The "I/O Designer Insiders" Community has been created to allow direct communication with the I/O Designer (IOD) factory team as well as to facilitate peer to peer communication. The "I/O Designer Insiders" Community is not limited to a specific Mentor Graphics design flow nor is it limited to current users only.



  If you are thinking about deploying I/O Designer in your FPGA - PCB design process feel free to post questions here for either factory or peer insight.



  While we will strive to avoid posting "marketing collateral" within this community we do plan on supplying factory insight into "best practices" as well as "tips and tricks" to allow you to maximize the time to market benefits of IOD.  Some of our posts may border on the edge of "marketing" but please bare with us our intention is indeed sincere: We are simply attempting to provide insight into the value of IOD to promote high quality designs completed as quickly as possible.  If we think we are on the edge of generating "marketing collateral" we will mark the Post as "Marketing" so that you are forewarned.



  The "I/O Designer Insiders" Community is hosted by:


  • Dave Brady (that's me)
  • Frank Smetana



Between Frank and I we have over 50 years of FPGA and PCB design experience.  Obviously, we are not spring chickens but I do not want to dwell on how old we are



I have been involved with I/O Designer since it's first release as a Mentor Graphics product, I have been involved with FPGA designs since their introduction into the market with a heavy initial focus on HDL synthesis techniques and I have a broad system design background that incorporates PCB functional design.  Currently I am the Product Owner, Business Development Manager and Product Marketing Manager for I/O Designer --> It may not be apparent from the "hats" that I wear but my focus is on driving the technical composition of I/O Designer to meet your requirements.



Frank has been around the block a few times as well with FPGAs and a career that has spanned Mentor Graphics, Synplicity and well as Synopsys. (I'll let Frank tell you more about himself in his welcome post). Frank is the Market Development Manager for I/O Designer with additional responsibility for FPGA Vendor relationships.  Again, Frank's title may not convey the fact that he is the ideal person to address any Business questions you may have concerning I/O Designer. (Frank also has significant technical insight into FPGA and PCB design technologies and processes).


As your hosts Frank and I are committed to making this community a valuable asset to any FPGA or PCB designers.  While we are extremely tolerant we will censor vulgar language and SPAM (although, we typically will allow on-topic external services posts ONCE).  I will not claim that we will know the answer to every question you might raise we are connected to a stellar staff spanning Technical Marketing Engineers, Product Engineering, Product QA, Flow QA and Customer Support Engineers and will funnel your questions to the appropriate people as needed to provide a timely response. With that in mind, if you have a product specific question and require an immediate response the best process is to leverage Mentor Graphics Customer Support.


Once again, thanks for reading this post, we hope that you will join the I/O Designers community and become an “Insider”!  Frank and I both look forward to communicating with you.