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    Modeling Soldered Components


      Hello all,


      I'm in the process of evaluating VeSys 2.0. As I've been going through and modeling some of our existing cables I've come up with some questions. I will post them in different threads. Here is the first question and thanks in advance.


      We have a harness with a connector on one end and a through hole Diode (Optek  OP165A) on the other end. Two of the wires from the connector solder directly to  the Diode. The Diode is part of the harness. Right now I have the diode on the  wiring diagram. The Diode is just wired over to the connector. However, when I  synchronize, the diode doesn't come over. It occurs to me that I might need to have some  kind of dummy connector that doesn’t show up on the BOM. But even so, the Diode  still doesn’t appear on the Harness drawing or the Harness BOM. What would be  the best way to handle this situation?






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          Hello Anthony,


          When you synchornise VeSys will bring over only the harness objects (connectors, wires etc) but will omit Device components (such as batteries).


          Since the diode and the connector are two seperate parts on the BOM you can create them as two seperate components in VeSys Component Library.  First create a Connector component and then a Device component as your diode.


          Now you can attach the diode as a related item to your connector.  In the Component Library select your connector and select the Housing tab.  From here you can create a new attached item and browse for your diode.  I would suggest setting the usage to "optional" if you use the connector elsewhere without a diode.  Alternatively you can set this value to "mandantory" which will always bring across the diode at the same time as the connector.


          Ensure you're now working with the latest Component data by going to File > Refresh in VeSys.


          When you synchronise you'll now get the option to attach the diode or if you selected mandatory, it will automatically pull in the diode for you.


          Does this help?




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            Thanks Mike!


            That does help. I handn't thought of the housing tab.