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I/O Designer in a PADS Flow - opening questions

Question asked by John_Peloso on May 18, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2012 by artwork.master1

Dave & Frank,


Thanks for taking the time & effort to set this discussion thread up.  In the many customer interactions I have encountered, high pin count FPGAs devices are definitely a challenge to a lot of teams.  And seeing as this is a flow neutral board - let's kick things off with a PADS Flow topic...


Design Teams using the PADS Flow traditionally are built on the foundation of smaller to medium size organizations where team members wear multiple hats (librarian & designer all-in-one is very common).  In this environment, designers are used to building flat symbols based on banking structures of the FPGAs to reduce symbol development time.  It is basically a - create it once & never change it strategy.  How best would you describe I/O Designer replacing or augmenting a structure like this?


Is the potential process change worth the effort?