DxDesigner burns me again.

Discussion created by les.embrey.dx.pads on May 20, 2010

In creating a net-list generic or Pads in the config file there is a  little item called repack.
What it does is it Reslots or Re-redes's all your Slotted symbols.
If you have a large connector that you are using Slotted parts on and  one is not connected to a net or some other minor thing that does not  prevent netlisting.
DxDesigner can and will reslot it so that ground now goes to a pin that  should have VDD on it or it may even split and add components so instead  of one 100 pin connector you now have 5, one for each sheet.
I have been complaining about this since ViewLogic was all DOS.  And I  just got burned again.
I forgot that when ever I down load a new upgrade I have to edit the  config files I did it for the pads netlister but forgot to do it for the  generic.
Luckily I did a back up before doing the netlister.
  Watch out.