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    Using the "schematic update" feature from the EE Flow in a PADS Flow


      Dave & Frank,


      I have worked with several customers in the EE Flow who use the "schematic update" feature to enable a more stream-lined flat design process.  They find the ability to update designs by moving dangling nets from fracture A to fracture B is more inline with their existing process & allows them to ease into adopting I/O Designer.  It can also be used to modify older designs created before an I/O Designer deployment.  Is this a feature that will be introduced into a PADS Flow any time soon?





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            Yes, the schematic update flow is being introduced into the DxDesigner - PADS flow through I/O Designer in the next PADS release.  We are working through testing now.  If the testing process confirms a high quality implementation we should be set... If we discover any challenges with the quality of the implementation we will delay the introduction of the schematic update process (It makes no sense to release new functionality if we have quality issues).


            We will keep this thread updated as we work toward the release date.