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    Future of ICX (Classic, Explorer, Verify)


      Perhaps someone could tell what is the future of ICX Classic, ICX Explorer and ICX Verify?

      How will they be developed and positioned further?

      Or will they be integrated into HyperLynx and dissapear?

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          I think ICX Classic  and  Icxpro Explorer or ICX Verify all be in EOL and no further development planned. Mentor may focus on Hyperlynx. Maybe, user can expect a Hyperlynx pro version including 3D EM, SI, PI  and AML all in one suite.


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            This is really a marketing questions, so I thought the marketing guys would jump in. I'm pretty sure what they would tell you: ICX classic and ICX Pro are still maintained. There will be another release of ICX soon. ICX Pro is maintained and released in every version of the Expedition Enterprise (EE) flow. The long-term goal is to develop one SI tool that incorporates all the significant features and technology of the currently available SI tools from Mentor Graphics.


            Another important feature with these tools, that you may not know about, is that you can use different comparable tools with just one license. If you have an ICX license, you can use that to run HyperLynx in order to take advantage of different features. This makes it easier for you to use whichever feature you need, and start learning another SI tool as needed.

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              Well, it's mostly about learning time. If HL is a way to go then we'll concentrate on it.

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                As Weston said, we'll maintain the ICX and ICX Pro products and add new technology when it aligns with our customer needs and strategic initiatives.  However, HyperLynx is receiving the most new technology and if you're looking for an area to invest, I would suggest choosing HyperLynx.